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1. How does work? is operated by Servicestart Ltd. Servicestart Ltd (here after referred to as ”Servicestart”) develops internet based channels to create transparency on the services markets to the benefit of both consumers and business. As a User of the site it is free of charge. Furthermore, you are not in any way obligated to hire any of the companies offering a quote or an offer to you when interested companies connect with you over the service.

When you register and activate a request on this request will be matched to different companies interested in performing the service you requested. Servicestart guarantees only verified companies are offered to respond to your request. When a company have been shown your contact information it is up to both parties to agree on price, time table and any other details of the service that might be performed. Servicestart has no part in these potential transactions.

2. Privacy policy and treatment of personal data

As a User of the site you should feel completely secure with how the information you provide is treated. Servicestart complies with all applicable laws in UK and the EU. When you post a request your information is saved by Servicestart. Servicestart operates a network of service providers matching your request. Servicestart will be Controllers of your data, as defined by the GDPR regulation protecting your privacy. You approve that Servicestart can forward your contact details to matching companies interested in providing the service for you. These companies will need this info to respond to your request and send you their offer. They do not have the right to contact you in any other matter.

You may at any time withdraw your consent by sending an email to Servicestart. In the event Servicestart cooperates with a partner to bring you relevant offers you will be informed of this by email before giving your consent.

3. Verified and selected companies has in its network of partners a significant number of firms connected. To ensure we offer a safe and reliable service a frequent vetting and control of connected firms is undertaken.

4. The responsibility of Servicestart

Servicestart takes no part in any of the transactions or agreements that may become the result of users of the service interacting with each other. This means users of this service cannot claim Servicestart for any compensation due to disputes, misunderstandings in contracts, disagreements, inadequately performed work or any other circumstance that may occur between different Users in the network. Furthermore, Servicestart has the right to cancel any User from the service and network should we deem the User have not complied with our rules or applicable regulations.

5. Obligation to comply with applicable law

There is no official Publisher on Each User is responsible for its own content provided. The Information must be compliant with applicable rules, not be misleading and cannot be in breach with national or international law. In addition, all Users of should behave politely and professional, which means no offensive material should be published on Misuse with intention to harm the service provided by Servicestart is strictly forbidden, likewise trying to harm or bring damage to other companies’ business or Users activities by publishing offensive material or faulty reviews.

Moreover, this rule also applies to other companies or Users reputation, attempts to mislead other companies or Users by posting fake or multiple requests, Users posting requests with the intention to investigate other companies’ prices or offers and Users creating multiple accounts to post requests without any interest in the service. In all these cases Servicestart has the right to suspend the User with immediate effect. If the forbidden and harmful acts are deemed intentional the User should compensate for any damage caused.

6. The content on

Even if Servicestart actively seek to ensure that all information published on the Site is correct, we cannot completely guarantee this. Hence, the Users have no right to claim any compensation from Servicestart or its partners should it happen information or content on the Site not be correct.

7. Mitigating circumstances

Servicestart should be exempted from any sanctions for not fulfilling an obligation should this be due to a so called mitigating circumstance. For example, mitigating circumstances might be government interventions or negligence, new or changed legislation, staff resignation, illness or any other labour impairment, death, labour market conflicts, fire, flooding, loss or destruction of data or property of significant importance or major accidents.

8. Immaterial property rights

Servicestart has the right to use texts and pictures or any other content published by the Users on . The ownership of this material or content stays with the User. Any other content on is the property of Servicestart or its partners.

9. Sanctions

In the event a User does not comply with Terms of this Agreement or is in breach with applicable law, Servicestart reserves the right to suspend / terminate the User from using the service / site without specifying the reason for this. In addition, Servicestart has the right to unpublish any material or content its deems offensive or disturbing in any way.

10. Changes to these Terms of Agreement

At any given time without giving prior notice Servicestart has the right to change these Terms. The date of the new Terms will then be published here. This version was published on January 22, 2019.

11. Disputes

Any disputes concerning these Terms should be settled under English law in a county court in Greater London area.

Accountant offers
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